Name: Max Gunner

code name: Quickdraw

Physical Description: 6’0 and approximately 180. Appears to be in his mid thirties. When not in uniform, he usually dresses casually.


Demeanor: Usually overconfident to a fault and can come off as slightly condescending to others, but always loyal to the cause and willing to protect anyone in need. Very Patriotic.

relations/associations: Max is an only child and does not know if his parents are alive, as he had to cut all ties he had when he joined the military. Is an active member of his Defiant cell.

Background:Was born in Houston, Texas in 1947. His powers manifested on a minor scale during childhood, giving him better reflexes and strength than all but the very elite of athletes. Max excelled at every sport he attempted(wrestling, baseball, basketball) while in school and was excepted into a top secret branch of the military Feeling betrayed by his country and wanting to find others similar to himself. Max joined his local Defiant cell and went into hiding.


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