Name: Chanda Sharma
Code/Hero name (if applicable): Viper
Physical Description:
5’ 5” tall, and weighs a very fit 120 pounds. She has green eyes and black hair that is usually worn long and slicked back. Her skin is a rich brown and she always has a slight smile on her lips. Typically she wears short skirts or slit legged dresses that accentuate her toned figure, though when she knows she will enter a situation she wears a form fitting green leotard and boots with a half face mask to hide her identity.
Chanda is flirty and vivacious, always ready to make a wisecrack and usually finds the most seductive pose she can when she lounges. She is far from promiscuous but she makes friends easily enough with most people, though some women are put off by her overtly sexual manners, and some men consider her a tease.
An orphan, Chandas’ parents were lost in a retaliation against them for turning their back on the extremist group they had belonged to. Chanda was taken in by an exotic dancer and raised by the woman and her friends.


Chanda was born in Agar in the Madhya Pratesh province of India, her parents were prominent members of the Students Isolationists Movement India, Extremist Group. The two of them developed new chemical and radiological weapons for use in the cause until they found out their child was a super. The movement was never made aware, and her parents escaped their handlers with the help of a Defiance cell.

Harrier was the man who led the team of Defiants in the province. He was a Native American with flight abilities and an uncanny skill with weapons. The others on his team were mostly American born Indians who wanted to help move others like themselves out of a country where they were being exploited as weapons. It took several days to make the arrangements, and Chanda was young, too young to remember it all, but she will always remember what Harrier told her before he turned to face the Indian Navy while she and her parents escaped on a boat. “Your life, and your powers are your own. You have to choose the path you will take. Choose wisely.” As far as she knew, Harrier died in the mass of explosions and gunfire that he rushed out to meet, she never saw him again. It was years later that the past caught up with them and a fire bomb ended their lives. Only the quick thinking of a neighbor saved Chanda, Allura Dante was an exotic dancer, but she was a woman, and she heard Chanda crying. The dancer could not allow the child to die and she used her own training to save Chanda. As she grew up Chanda realized that the sinuous movements of the belly dance helped her focus her bio-plasma, and allowed her to bleed it off as it grew too strong for her, so she trained with her auntie Allura and her friends, she was a natural. She learned all she knew from the women at the club, Allura taught her dancing, Shikara taught her first aid and nursing as she worked her way thru nursing school and Joy taught her the Filipino martial art of Mano Mano. She has used these skills to help herself, and others to survive.


Powerplay-Chicago Viper