Character Creation

Superhero Character Creation.

As you create your character the most important thing to remember is that you are not bound by these #’s. You do not need to wonder if your character can do something unless it is out of the ordinary or outside of the abilities you have chosen. If your character has laser vision you can fire it unless the story has blinded you somehow. The best way to think of it is that we will all be working together to write a comic book. You will shape it by your character interaction. All stats #’s are for DM’s use, and any conflicts results are determined by me.

You have the same stats as in D&D. I want you to classify them from 1-6. 1 being the weakest and 6 being your strongest stat.
Str 3
Dex 4
Con 2
Int 5
Wis 1
Cha 6

You can have any powers you can think of to choose from (please no time altering abilities) and 15 points to put into them. No single power can be taken above 10. Maxing out to 10 does not make you the most powerful being with that ability. This is an X-Men level RP so 10 just means your really strong in that power. Do not underestimate multiple weaker powers.
Super Strength 8
Flight 5
x-ray Vision 2
Total= 15
Any and all powers are available from magic to future tech. You don’t have to be a mutant. Perhaps your just really good at building stuff like Ironman or your filthy rich like Batman. All choices MUST be approved by me before character play. Tech can mimic any power. I just need to know if your ability is tech or personal based.

In addition to basic powers there will be additional effects of powers. This is 3 points to be added to any power as a bonus effect. A full list of effect will be given. An example of these is Knockback. Your ability packs a large kinetic push that throws enemies backward/up/down.
Super Strength 8 (Knockback +2)

Aside from powers you will also have skills. These can be almost anything. You have 20 points to spend here,10 being the limit again.
Engineering ( structural, electronics, hydraulic)
Languages (list any)
Piloting (boat, plane, car ect..)
Martial Arts
The list goes on and on. Be sure to choose ones that work with your character concept. Don’t have a magician without Knowledge Occult or an Inventor without Engineering.

Please be very specific about your abilities and skills when writing up you characters background and attitude. Does your ability erupt from you hand or drop out of the sky? If you’re a master of Kung Fu where did you learn it? How exactly did you get your powers (born with it, experiment gone wrong/right, you’re an alien, magical artifact, super genius techy)

Do your abilities have drawbacks? (leaves you drained, doesn’t work under certain conditions, can be lost or broken, Effects everyone in an area, hard to control)

Do you have secrets in your life? (family, hidden ID, addictions, dark past, )

Are there other effects you suffer from? ( look strange, need to eat a lot, must submerge in water each day)

Do you look different, either due to your powers or not? ( you can fly because you have wings, your tough because your skin is stone, your strong because your large in size.)

Do your abilities function all the time or do you have to activate them? (put on armor, Hulk out, Shazam up?)

Do you have weaknesses? (kryptonite, yellow, garlic, fire)

Does the government know about you and your powers, or have you hidden it thus far?

One last thing to think of is how does your character get around? If it’s a super vehicle of some kind (flying car, or James Bond gadgets on it) you need to take that into account as Tech and use your powers point toward it. If its just a regular means of transport then don’t worry about points.

Power Special Effects
Knock Back: on top of the powers basic effects it also packs a powerful kinetic force throwing targets backwards.

Piercing: either due to precision or focus, the power can now more easily punch through dense material.(Walls, armor, force fields ect..)

Homing: The power can curve around obstacles to strike targets. User must know the target is there. Each point in this effect allows for a single 90 degree turn.

Blast: as the ability is activated or at the target range it effects a small-large area instead of a single target.

Long Range: The ability goes further than standard. Basic ranged powers can go about 100ft. This effect multiplies the range by 10 per point of this effect.

Power Up: You can charge your power up before letting it go. This requires effort and a short time span but allows your power to do extra damage or effect.

Duration: Your power continues to have effect past standard. Instant powers like power blast continue to do damage for a few seconds while sustained powers like a force field would allow you to stop concentrating on it to perform another action while still keeping the field active for a few minutes. Constant powers like flight and super strength would not be effected from this effect nor does it work in conjunction with other effects. No knock back with duration.

Ricochet: The power bounces from target to another within short range. Each point in this allows for a new target maxing at 4 total target at 3 points of ricochet. Unlike some of the other effects this can also be applied to melee/ranged attacks showing that you, not your fist, are quickly jumping from target to target. It can also be applied to travel powers like super jump allowing you to bounce off of surfaces to change direction.

Stunning: When under the influence of the ability the target is stunned and less able to defend/attack. NOT helpless.

Character Creation

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