Time Line (this a quick and dirty time line. It does not represent everything of note but hits the major events)

1918: First publicly known “Super” appears in the trenches vs. Germany in WW1. The American soldier called himself The Spirit and had the power to become insubstantial.
1919-1938: “Supers” start to crop up more and more mainly working with their respective governments to promote nationalism.
1939: WW2 erupts, spiraling Europe into chaos. Supers quickly find themselves squaring off on the front lines.
Germanys “Ubermen” are far more formidable than allied powers had expected. Germany quickly pushes to the edges of Europe and invades Russia. Britain responds with the Royal Experimental Guard And Loyalist unit. (REGAL) led by Union Jack. The US had IntENT (International Engagement and Neutralization Team) commanded by Patriot. Both were Special Forces made up almost entirely of Supers for the sole purpose of turning the tide of war.
1944: Russia who had suffered greatly at the hands of the advancing German force and who had the fewest number of Supers to put in the field, unleashes the unthinkable. At 8:15 A.M. on August 6, 1944 the sun rose for a second time all along the border of the Russian front as half a dozen thermo-nuclear devices evaporated the German forces. Stalin waisted no time in advancing his people through the radioactive clouds to continue their assault. 72 hrs later Munich, Hamburg and finally Berlin laid in smoking ruin. The war was over before even the allies could comprehend. Russia now stood as the sole wielder of atomic power…a power that even the mightiest of Supers had to fear.
The Cold War begins.
1945: Russia withdraws to consolidate power hiding behind their new wall of atomic terror.
More Supers continue to be born, created and discovered. It is the Golden age of Superheroes.
1950: Senator Joseph McCarthy calls out Heroes and villains alike with accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason resulting in the creation of an observation and investigation agency known as Argus, to keep watch over Super activity.
1951: First indications of a defiance movement within the Super community. Calling themselves Defiants the group is a loose unorganised group focused more on politics and the rights of Supers. Over the next several years the Defiants fall into differently focused groups. Now more organized their means to an end are drasticly different.
1975: The celebrations scheduled across the USA are mared by the threat of Devastator, a superpowered Villain who calls on all anarchist and so called “Heroes” to gather for a massive battle. Phillidelphia is left in ruin but not destroyed completely. Devastator escapes after leveling 4 city blocks with hidden explosives.To be forever known as the Bicentenial Battle.
Patriot dies in the battle. A new Patriot takes up the mask. Unlike his predecessor the new Patriot is vocal and very publicly visible. He commands the re-envisioned IntENT that works directly with Argus as a solution to Super related crisis.
1980: Argus is expanded and given full federal authorization over Super affairs. Allowing them to investigate arrest, question and detain with the same authorizations as the FBI.
1982 Current……
Character Creation


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